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  Fun-filled 4wd driving on Fraser Island.  

The best way to really have fun and truly experience Fraser Island.

Fraser Island is strictly four-wheel-driving territory.

Seventy Five Mile Beach is an actual highway that  runs also up the surf side of the island.

Share the highway with Air Fraser planes making joy flights.

Sand tracks cross the island linking lakes and also rain forests.

Conditions also vary with weather and tides.

Speed limits are 35kmh on inland roads and also 80kmh on the Seventy-Five Mile Beach.

Normal road rules apply.

Carry essential spares as well as a towrope, spade, water and first aid kit.

Vehicle access permits are required for all vehicles entering the island.

Permits may be obtained from River Head Barge landing, at Kingfisher Bay Resort reception and at Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service offices including Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Bundaberg and Rainbow Beach.


Fraser Island’s famous 75-Five Mile Beach is right on the action for some of the best beach fishing in the world.

Surf gutters provide all-season angling.

Whiting and bream in the gutters in warmer months and swallowtail can be caught all year round.

Tailor season in winter sees dozens of fishing groups along the beach.

Rock species can be caught off the headlands from Indian Head to Waddy Point.

Trailer boats can be launched  behind Indian Head and Waddy Point.

Off shore, both northern coral and southern reef species can be found

Also first of all we will make sure that you are happy with your 4×4 so that you could have a perfect adventure also during your holiday.

Been in the 4×4 hire business for more than 14 years we are offering you a brilliant service  to our quality of vehicles  you will  enjoy a perfect holiday with us  the liability of our vehicles and also the professional service you will receive.  You are getting a briefing on sand driving also free maps, and first of all wE will explain the drivers safety  we rate your safety very highly of the sand driving and the seawater issues.

We will advise you on driving on the sand first of all inform you about the tides and also the inland roads and  the speed signs on the Island a perfect holiday if you as a driver take note of the sign posted direction signs on the inland road since you can while you are driving miss them and ended somewhere else.

Offering the best 4WD hire in Noosa to Fraser Island, Double Island Point, Rainbow Beach, Bribie Island and Moreton Island.

To go on a Tag Along Tour are now the safest way to enjoy Fraser Island and still get that full 4WD experience.


Special deals on camping equipment and permits

Pick up from from Sunshine Coast Airport

Noosa2Fraser Island Hire a 4×4 – 4WD Hire Noosa:   Pelican 4×4 Hire vehicle is your ticket to a 4WD adventure around Fraser Island, Rainbow Beach, and the beautiful Sunshine Coast region.

Drive on the beach, go camping, visit secluded locations and experience nature up close because it’s all here for you.

Travel from Noosa in your own 4WD hire vehicle as you discover the wonders of the Fraser Coast on your own adventure of a lifetime furthermore find us in the heart of Noosa.

Go from Noosa 2 Fraser via the Noosa North Shore Beach pass the lovely Double Island Point to Fraser Island and Rainbow Beach a treasure adventure see 2 Islands.

 Some of the many beautiful and wonderful places you can visit include:

Lake Mackenzie, Lake Birrabeen and Lake Wabby Central Station Fraser Island, Sparkling Champagne Pools and also Historic Shipwrecks .

The great rock headlands of Fraser Island – Indian Head and Middle Rock

Rainbow Beach at Fraser Island with Coloured Sands and also Double Island Point Conservation Park

Noosa to North Shore and Cooloola National Park – Double Island Point – Fresh Water

Bribie Island & Moreton Island and first of all a must visit from Brisbane and the Sunny Coast

pelican 4wd bookings

 Noosa’s the best 4WD Hire since 2002. We have a great range of self drive 4WDs another adventure to suit your need.

 Partner also with other 4×4 Companies and can supply you with any 4×4 in Australia a customer benefit  we will give you a 4×4 briefing with all advice needed.

Therefore our 4×4 rental vehicles include luxury Prado’s (8 seats) and Land cruisers V8’s(models that seats 8 ) . 

Also all insurances are covered in your hire (conditions apply), and we can assist you in arranging all camping permits, vehicle permits and barge (ferry) tickets for Fraser Island.  View Our Vehicles.

 If you need camping gear, then don’t worry, we also have you  covered. Hire camping equipment from us also to go with your 4WD hire from Noosa.

Call  us on +61 7 5324 1492 or +61 (0) 405823352 or e-mail us at Pelican 4×4 Hire to inquire about a Noosa 4WD hire rental vehicle or a Tag Along Tour.


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